Our Mission

Our association’s main objective is preserving the linguistic and cultural heritage of our Romanian community in New England. We hope to be able to pass our traditions to the next generations just the way we received them from our parents and grandparents. For this purpose, we organize and promote a wide range of social, cultural, educational, and professional events.


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The concept behind AR-NE was discussed for the first time in December 2009. The activities started to take place at the beginning of 2010, under the aegis of Boston Romanian Professionals (BRP), an entity not officially registered. The evolution of BRP, as a name and as a type of organization, culminated in the registration of AR-NE on October 13, 2010. Please visit Our History for more details.

AR-NE is made up of volunteers who work together to coordinate activities and programs.

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Yes, because our organization has been recognized by the IRS as a publicly supported charitable association, “501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit”.

Currently, AR-NE carries out a limited volume of activities, especially due to the involvement of a small number of volunteers. Your proposals for new programs and activities in which you can get involved together with AR-NE are awaited with great interest. For any suggestions you may have on this topic, please contact us directly.

Please follow our announcements, either through the newsletter, on the website, or through the Facebook and LinkedIn platforms. The announcements will specify the details of the meetings.

Also, we would very much like more people to participate in our organizational meetings, in the hope that this will increase the participation of volunteers in the organization. Please indicate your desire to join us by contacting us directly, and we will promptly send you the address where we are waiting for you.

The Articles of Incorporation (as filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State) are found here.

The Bylaws (as filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State) are found here. They can be modified as indicated in the text.

“E lung pământul, ba e lat,
Dar ca Săgeată de bogat
Nici astăzi domn pe lume nu-i,
Şi-avea o fată, – fata lui –
Icoană-ntr-un altar s-o pui
La închinat.”

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